Can My Primary Care Physician Prescribe Me Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been on the rise for the past few years, especially since more and more people are becoming its patrons. As the number of customers increase, you may start to wonder on whether your primary care physician can prescribe you one for your health needs. Well, to simply answer that, your physician must first meet specific requirements before he or she can recommend medical marijuana as a form of treatment for you.

Qualifications for Doctors

A doctor’s recommendation is a powerful one, so, there are several guidelines that control the flow of medical marijuana to qualified patients. It may be legal in several states but there are still laws these doctors must need to follow, especially since their license is at stake.

Ultimately, the first step a doctor must take to be allowed to recommend medical marijuana is that he or she must have an active and unrestricted physician license. Without this, it’s just not legal and possible. This isn’t just so the doctor can prescribe medical marijuana, it’s also necessary so that the doctor can give any prescription at all.

According to How Stuff Works, 12 states in the United States have laws for medical marijuana.

Another crucial step before doctors can be recognized is that each doctor must be able to follow the guidelines set out by these laws. These laws vary from state to state and have their respective fines if the laws are not followed.

For doctors, there are also guidelines created by Eric A. Voth from the Institute on Global Drug Policy that they can use as a basis if they should really recommend it to their patients. These are guidelines that doctors can follow to lessen the risk of malpractice due to their recommendations.

These physicians must also be able to understand the benefits of medical marijuana and know the risks that come with it. They should be able to weigh the benefits and the risks for the patient before they actually recommend it. It’s not just a risky process for the patient, it’s also quite risky for their career, as well.

In the State of Florida, if the patient is younger than 18 years old, there should be another physician that must agree with the low-THC order. The recommendation must also be documented on the medical record of the patients. Every time these patients are recommended with it, they must also sign an approved consent form.

The steps these doctors must take all have their own weights in terms of qualifying medical marijuana. It’s a risky one and it can cause them their license. Knowing the tedious process, you should also ask your doctor if he or she has complied with the requirements to avoid any problem in the future.
Qualifications for Patients.

Doctors aren’t the only ones who need to meet requirements; patients also have their own set of qualifications before they can obtain marijuana legally. First of which is having their own medical marijuana card (MMID) or cannabis card. According to Leafly, this card is similar to an identification card and it allows the patient to enter medical dispensaries freely. Without this card, you can’t really buy or have anything.

Before patients can even qualify for the card, they need to have a doctor’s recommendation. There must be an agreement between the patient and doctor that it’s an option for treatment and that the condition the patient has is one of those approved by the state. Without meeting any of these, it’s definitely impossible getting a card.

Depending on which state, the patient must apply for the card and pay a fee before they can be qualified as a patient. This card becomes useful when you’re caught with marijuana. It makes it so much easier explaining that it’s for medical purposes.

Just a Recommendation

To clear up any confusion with the terms used, it’s important that we clarify the difference between prescription and recommendation. When a doctor prescribes medicines, it comes with specifications such as dosages and instructions for use. But when a doctor just recommends, it doesn’t have any of those. In the case of medical marijuana, doctors are only allowed to recommend.

If it’s your first time dealing with medical marijuana, it’s important for you to know that these doctors don’t really get to prescribe it to patients. According to Marijuana Doctors, these doctors are only allowed to write letters of recommendation to signify you qualify as a patient. These recommendations allow patients to buy, use, and grow limited quantities of medical marijuana according to the state laws.

All these steps are crucial for both doctors and patient. Despite being legal to some extent, the laws are still quite tight and unforgiving. There’s so much at stake that it’s best not to take this whole medical marijuana thing lightly.…

Finding Great Exercise & Fitness Programs

An exercise & fitness routine can be very boring if you don’t have the motivation. There are many great fitness programs out there that you should consider getting into. The problem is whether you are prepared to stick to them to the end or not. Make sure that you are able to find exercise and physical fitness programs that excite you. To do this you need to be real with yourself. You also need to understand your needs. Thirdly, an action plan will save you from the dreaded boredom in the middle of an exercise & fitness program.


When it comes to getting real with yourself, you need to take a very keen look at yourself in the mirror and consider whether the treadmill is the best kind of fitness equipment for you. If it is not, avoid any exercise and fitness program that requires you to use a treadmill. If you are not comfortable doing your fitness workouts in the gym, don’t get into programs that require you to be going there.

Work from home

Exercise and physical fitness programs that require you to work from home require you to buy some fitness equipment as well as hire a qualified trainer. Most trainers charge hourly. Coincidentally, many fitness workouts last for an hour.

An action plan is also very important. Exercises such as aerobics, flexibility and strength training require you to have a plan of action in order for you to be successful. Conversely, a good exercise program should have all these components, albeit in varying proportions of emphasis. In fact, it is this variation in emphasis that creates different types of fitness programs.

If you want to end up with a great exercise & fitness health program don’t get around issues; confront them head on. For instance, you have to walk and run around in order to maintain cardiovascular health. You need to have several sessions of cardiovascular training every week. This is a basic requirement in every fitness program.

In End

You should know something about pedometers if you want to find a great health & fitness exercise program. A pedometer as well as heart rate monitors enable you monitor the intensity of your fitness program. Many fitness experts recommend it. They are an absolute must-have for those who are out of shape. For these people, intensity should be closely monitored in order to avoid heat stroke especially during hot weather. A great fitness exercise should enable you build a high muscle density in your body.…

Programs To End Constant Tiredness

Do you always find yourself in a situation wherein you wake up each morning feeling groggy and wasted and you wish you could just roll back and return to your slumber? Do you suffer from extreme daytime sleepiness? Do you feel as if, no matter how many hours you sleep, you are still not getting enough rest? You can ultimately put an end to this excessive tiredness by following a few easy and simple steps.

There are a number of factors that can be attributed to this sense of fatigue that you always feel. Nutrition for one, plays a huge factor with regards to how much energy is it that you don’t or do have. If you are not getting enough essential minerals and vitamins that your badly needs to properly function, then this could lead to constant tiredness. In order for you to acquire more energy, you need to start changing your eating habits.


Make sure that you eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. You also need to stay away from foods made with white flour and make it a point that all of your carbohydrates come from foods such as sweet potatoes, whole wheat and whole grain. Complex carbohydrates such as those above mentioned will burn at a much slower rate and in the process, turn into energy rather than sugar. It is highly advised that you get loads of protein as well because this is also another good energy source.

Lack of physical activity is also one of the many excessive tiredness causes. You see, when you exercise, you release endorphins that can help make you feel good. Moreover, a good workout regimen will improve your blood circulation and enhance your lung and heart function that can help lower the risk of you acquiring sleeping problems like restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.


Bottom line here is that, your excessive tiredness can be cured. All you need to do is to make little – simple changes in your lifestyle. With this, you will look good, feel good and always be performing at your best!…

Vanity At A New Level With Male Tummy Tucks

While the majority of tummy tuck patients are women who have recently given birth, there seems to be a growing number of men who are also choosing to undergo this procedure. Therefore, we are going to discuss the subject of male tummy tucks in this article.

At this point, you may be wondering why a man would want a tummy tuck. Very simply, it is for the same reason a woman would want a tummy tuck: vanity.

During the last two decades, American society has begun to place a greater and greater emphasis on a man’s appearance. The days of a balding, round man with a pretty petite wife are over.

To be more specific, there are two main reasons why men will undergo a tummy tuck. First, they will use the procedure to rid themselves of sagging, excess skin that they have accumulated as a result of a significant weight loss. Second, many men will get a tummy tuck to reverse the effects of aging and its influence on making their stomachs droop.

tummy tank

Since many men ask the question about price, let’s answer it now: the average cost of tummy tuck for a man will be between $3K and $5K. Unfortunately, a man will usually have to pay for this bill out of his pocket, as his health insurance company will most likely classify it as an elective cosmetic surgery.

Before we conclude, we need to mention that there are actually three types of tummy tucks which a man may undergo. The first type is the traditional tummy tuck, which most people are familiar with. The second type is the mini tummy tuck, which is a procedure where the surgeon only operates on the area below the navel. The last procedure is the extended tummy tuck, which involves the surgeon performing surgery on the man’s backside in addition to his abdominal areas.

While many people will find it shocking that men are indeed having tummy tucks, they shouldn’t be. In fact, over 5,600 male tummy tuck surgeries took place in 2007 alone. If you are looking for additional information on tummy tucks, we recommend you visit the Abdominoplasty New Jersey Guide.…

Top Body Building Principles: How To Bulk Up Fast And The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

If you want to build and hone your muscles, there are numerous mistakes and misconceptions out there that you need to avoid. Most often than not, it is the newbie bodybuilder who is prone to committing these mistakes. They usually end up getting frustrated, especially if they are not getting or seeing the results they want.

Body Building

Your primary goal here is to build up your body mass – nothing more, nothing less. Normally, when you focus all of your attention on a particular group of muscle, you tend to over work them and in turn, reduce its size rather than increase it. If you really want to know the true ways on how to bulk up fast, then you need to find out what these mistakes are.

For one, body building must never be confused to that of an aerobic workout which usually takes a whole day to get completed. Each set that you do must not take longer than forty-five seconds to complete, so make it a point that you are using ample weight to overload those muscles in that short period of time. How many reps to build muscle you might ask? Well, roughly you need ten reps per set.

Also, you must never jump from one routine to the other. Instead, take your time to set one up and stick to it until you reach your muscle’s stall point.

Next thing is that you must eat well. If you want to build up your muscle mass, you should also eat enough healthy nutrients to fuel your body. Lack of nutritional intake prevents you from getting that desired figure you want. As for the last tip, never ever let your ego get the better of you. Do not try to compare the weight you are lifting with the person next to you. Follow your own program for a healthy and safe muscle gain.…