The Siberian Cat: Where Did This Popular Breed Come From

What is a Siberian Cat

There are two different breeds of cats, domesticated and wild. A domesticated cat is usually smaller than the wild cat and it has been bred over several centuries to mimic the traits of a house cat. The Siberian or Russian blue is one such breed Siberian - (noun) A "wild" breed of domestic cat that has been bred to resemble its wild ancestor, the European blue-eyed white-haired "wildcat."

The Siberian originated from a cross between wild cats brought from Russia by 19th century settlers and domestic cats brought from Europe by 19th century settlers. In Russia, these feral cats were thought of as wild animals and were hunted for their fur. In America, Siberians were imported as pets in 1908 by Anna Sew Siberian Cat is a breed of cat that hails from Russia. The breed has been around for hundreds of years and was originally used as a hunting feline. Siberian Cats have now become household pets all over the world.

Where Did Siberian Cat Originate from?

It is estimated that Siberian cat originated from Russia and China.


The history of the Russian cats seems to date back to the era of Peter the Great who had a cat called "Masha" which was brought from Turkey. The house's most valuable possession was always his black cat, Sinegor which he loved more than any human. And eventually, she gave birth to a single blue and white kitten in 1734 and this kitten would become the first Siberian cat.


Some scientists believe that it may have originated from China as domestic cats were brought by Chinese soldiers during their invasion of Russia back in 1639. It is also believed that some domesticated cats may have been taken as souvenirs by Russian fur traders who were trading with China before they return home

How The History of Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat came from Siberia, which is a geographical region in Russia. They are found throughout the world. These cats are also called Russian Blue cats, because their coats are blue-gray with white markings. Some have blue eyes, while others have green or yellow eyes. The Siberian cat originated about 100 years ago when European settlers living in Siberia bred them to take on the traits of wild animals that lived there before the settlers arrived. The breed was originally used for hunting and protecting flocks of sheep from predators like wolves and foxes. While this breed has long been popular as a pet, it’s now gaining more attention as an alternative to purebreds because it doesn’t carry genetic defects like many other breeds do.

What Are The Facts About Siberian Cats?

Siberian cats are medium-sized cats that have a soft, silky fur. They are also known for their beautiful blue eyes. The Siberian cat is the second largest breed of domestic cat. They are one of the oldest breeds in existence. The domestication of this breed can be traced to Siberia, which is now part of Russia. Siberian cats are very flexible and adapt well to different environments.

The Siberian cats have a long history dating back to about 4000 BC when they were discovered by humans in Siberia, which is now part of Russia. These cats were then domesticated by humans and later spread to Europe during the 1700s. Today, they can be found all over the world with their fur color varying from snowy white to brownish black or grayish black hair with blue eyes.