Top Body Building Principles: How To Bulk Up Fast And The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

If you want to build and hone your muscles, there are numerous mistakes and misconceptions out there that you need to avoid. Most often than not, it is the newbie bodybuilder who is prone to committing these mistakes. They usually end up getting frustrated, especially if they are not getting or seeing the results they want.

Body Building

Your primary goal here is to build up your body mass – nothing more, nothing less. Normally, when you focus all of your attention on a particular group of muscle, you tend to over work them and in turn, reduce its size rather than increase it. If you really want to know the true ways on how to bulk up fast, then you need to find out what these mistakes are.

For one, body building must never be confused to that of an aerobic workout which usually takes a whole day to get completed. Each set that you do must not take longer than forty-five seconds to complete, so make it a point that you are using ample weight to overload those muscles in that short period of time. How many reps to build muscle you might ask? Well, roughly you need ten reps per set.

Also, you must never jump from one routine to the other. Instead, take your time to set one up and stick to it until you reach your muscle’s stall point.

Next thing is that you must eat well. If you want to build up your muscle mass, you should also eat enough healthy nutrients to fuel your body. Lack of nutritional intake prevents you from getting that desired figure you want. As for the last tip, never ever let your ego get the better of you. Do not try to compare the weight you are lifting with the person next to you. Follow your own program for a healthy and safe muscle gain.

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