Vanity At A New Level With Male Tummy Tucks

While the majority of tummy tuck patients are women who have recently given birth, there seems to be a growing number of men who are also choosing to undergo this procedure. Therefore, we are going to discuss the subject of male tummy tucks in this article.

At this point, you may be wondering why a man would want a tummy tuck. Very simply, it is for the same reason a woman would want a tummy tuck: vanity.

During the last two decades, American society has begun to place a greater and greater emphasis on a man’s appearance. The days of a balding, round man with a pretty petite wife are over.

To be more specific, there are two main reasons why men will undergo a tummy tuck. First, they will use the procedure to rid themselves of sagging, excess skin that they have accumulated as a result of a significant weight loss. Second, many men will get a tummy tuck to reverse the effects of aging and its influence on making their stomachs droop.

tummy tank

Since many men ask the question about price, let’s answer it now: the average cost of tummy tuck for a man will be between $3K and $5K. Unfortunately, a man will usually have to pay for this bill out of his pocket, as his health insurance company will most likely classify it as an elective cosmetic surgery.

Before we conclude, we need to mention that there are actually three types of tummy tucks which a man may undergo. The first type is the traditional tummy tuck, which most people are familiar with. The second type is the mini tummy tuck, which is a procedure where the surgeon only operates on the area below the navel. The last procedure is the extended tummy tuck, which involves the surgeon performing surgery on the man’s backside in addition to his abdominal areas.

While many people will find it shocking that men are indeed having tummy tucks, they shouldn’t be. In fact, over 5,600 male tummy tuck surgeries took place in 2007 alone. If you are looking for additional information on tummy tucks, we recommend you visit the Abdominoplasty New Jersey Guide.…