About Us

Are you dissatisfied with the level of educational services currently being provided to your child? Is your son or daughter bored in class because the course material isn’t challenging? Are you concerned that your child may not be receiving the instruction and guidance he or she needs to compete in a global marketplace? Would you like your child’s school to unlock his or her full potential? If you answered yea to any or all of these questions Prime Prep Academy is here for you.

Prime Prep Academy was founded to cater to the needs of the total student; to challenge them intellectually and socially in an effort to build leaders. We understand that our children are the future of society and it is our responsibility as an academic institution to strengthen their character, enlighten their minds and expand their horizons. We believe all children should be given the tools they need to fulfill their dreams and that a quality education is the first step in making those dreams realities.

Prime Prep has a 21st century approach to education that introduces children to cutting edge technology, interactive course material and digital classrooms. We encourage parental involvement, community support and corporate partnerships; because it takes all facets of society to make our children stronger, more capable leaders. Our goal is to offer the finest and most comprehensive student development programs in the state; while serving as a beacon of hope and transformation in the communities in which we serve.

As you learn more about us we would like to get to know you. Please send us your contact information so we can keep you informed as we embark on our mission to change lives for the better.